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Project Participate provides school-based teams with strategies to increase active participation of students with diverse needs in the classroom. Project Participate offers speech therapy, fine motor, homework, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, AAC, augmentative communication, communication, socialization, life skills, switch, choice making, communication boards, low tech.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Photo of Switch Adapted Tape RecordersSwitch Adapted Tape Recorders
Students that struggle with decoding the written word can participate in reading tasks by listening to material with a tape recorder. For students with limited fine motor skills, increase student participation in Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) with a switch adapted tape recorder. With a click of a single switch, students with limited physical skills can start and stop reading independently using a tape recorder.

Photo of Page TurnersPage Turners
Is your student struggling to turn the pages of their favorite picture book? Attach popsicle sticks with clear packing tape to each page of a cardboard book and enable students with physical disabilities to turn pages independently.


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