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Project Participate - Promoting Families, Health and Development

Companies and Manufacturers

Abelnet, Inc.
Simple and creative tools to help promote the participation of all students in the classroom including adapted cameras, simple environmental control and switches.

Attainment Company
Software and learning aids to teach students life skills including telling time, managing money and recognizing community sight words.

Don Johnston, Inc.
Software for students specializes in tools to assist diverse students read and write. Products include the Discover:Switch and the Start-to-Finish reading series.

Dynavox Systems
Manufacturer of augmentative communication devices including the Dynavox and Dynamyte and Dynamo.

Grolier Publishing
Publishers of the Children's Press books that present academic material in simple and easy to understand language.

 IntelliTools, Inc.
Manufacturer of the IntelliKeys alternative keyboard as well as software to promote the learning of all students in the classroom. This site contains a free activity exchange with curricular adaptations made by teachers and families.

Mayer-Johnson, Inc.
Find simple communication aides, software to create communication boards and
other resources for users of augmentative communication systems at this site.

ORCCA Technology
Tools to improve participation in the classroom including keyguards, switch-adapted cameras, staplers and more!

Slater Software, Inc.
This Colorado based company publishes Pix:Reader and Picture-It, word-processors that incorporate graphic cues with written text.

Toys for Special Children: Enabling Devices
Manufacturer of CheapTalk communication devices, switches, adapted tape-recorders and source for adapted toys.

Words +
Company specializing in the production of communication aids and computer access products for persons with diverse needs.

Manufacturer of various communication devices, environmental controls and other technology for persons with disabilities.

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