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Project Participate provides school-based teams with strategies to increase active participation of students with diverse needs in the classroom. Project Participate offers speech therapy, fine motor, homework, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, AAC, augmentative communication, communication, socialization, life skills, switch, choice making, communication boards, low tech.


Our Resource CD-ROM
Strategies for Active InclusionPicutre of Project Participate CD-Rom

Look to our Macintosh/Windows compatible CD-ROM for ideas on how to use assistive technology to promote student participation and increase learning in the classroom. Use or modify the sample IntelliPics activities, Boardmaker files, Discover:Switch setups, and other curricular creations on the CD-ROM to meet the needs of your students or to train other team members. Print the helpful handouts and forms inlcuded in PDF format and facilitate teamwork and effective documentation.

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Our Binder Tools, Tips and Techniques for Including ALL Students in Middle and High School Classrooms

A compilation of reproducible handouts and forms, this binder provides families, general and special educators, school principals, and related support personnel with practical strategies to implement a school-wide system that promotes student participation and learning. Common-sense suggestions and guidelines for effective planning, documentation, and team collaboration flavor this comprehensive resource. The accompanying technical tips provide step-by-step instructions for implementing computer equipment and communication devices in the classroom.


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