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Project Participate provides school-based teams with strategies to increase active participation of students with diverse needs in the classroom. Project Participate offers speech therapy, fine motor, homework, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, AAC, augmentative communication, communication, socialization, life skills, switch, choice making, communication boards, low tech.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Photo Cosmetic Bags

Insert photographs or picture symbols into makeup bags with clear pouches to create a communication system that fits into fanny packs, lunch bags or pockets.Photo Cosmetic Bags


Use key chains designed to display photographs, to increase participation in community activities.  Attach the portable communication boards to zippers, backpacks or belts.

Photo of Keychains

Tempo Loop Trays

Glue tempo loop to a cookie sheet or other tray and then add Velcro hook to the back of small toys, picture symbols, letters or photos to create custom choice boards.

Photo of Tempo Loop Trays


Press a button and record single messages into this programmable switch from Abelnet, Inc. to promote student participation in role call, circle time, class theatrical productions and more!  Try recording phrases from repetitive songs such as Old MacDonald or I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly to increase participation during sing-a-longs. Try the same strategy with nursery rhymes such as London Bridge or repetitive books created for emergent readers such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle.



Inexpensive and easy to program, the Cheap Talk series from Enabling Devices, Inc. is an excellent device for novice augmentative communicators. Select a two, four or eight button model and add photos, drawings or communication symbol icons.


Talking Picture Frames

Insert photos, communication symbols or small objects to the frame, and then record a message to create an augmentative communication device. That enables students to participate in classroom discussions, answer questions or make choices.

Photo of Talking Picture Frames

Yak Baks

Press the "Say" button on this small hand held communicator to record a single message.  Press the  "Play" button to greet peers in between classes, select drinks at lunch or ask a question in class. 

Photo of Yak Baks

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