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Project Participate provides school-based teams with strategies to increase active participation of students with diverse needs in the classroom. Project Participate offers speech therapy, fine motor, homework, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, AAC, augmentative communication, communication, socialization, life skills, switch, choice making, communication boards, low tech.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Photo of DoorDifferent Doors
Does your child have trouble sleeping and play with toys or wander around as the rest of the household attempts to sleep?  Try adapting the bedroom door!  Cut about 18 inches off the top of the bedroom door (just above the hinge).  With the door cut, rest easier knowing that your child is in a safe place with lots of toys and a warm bed.  Sound travels freely so you will hear when you're needed or simply look over the door to check on your child without waking.

Photo of Refrigerator LatchesRefrigerator latches
Modify the refrigerator door for those curious kids who enjoy pulling on the door and walk away with it wide open.  Put a long Velcro strip (the softer side) around the handle with the hook Velcro piece (the rough side) on the wall of the refrigerator.  Purchase Velcro that is at least 1" wide, 12" long, and has a sticky backside.  Cut the rough-hook piece about 3 to 4 inches long and stick it to the side-wall of the refrigerator.  Make the long, softer piece 10 to 12 inches long.  Use enough to wrap around the handle with the remaining 7 to 8 inches hanging off the handle to wrap around the door and reach the hook  Velcro on the wall of the refrigerator.  Just peel enough of the protective sticky paper off to secure the Velcro to the handle.  Leave the remaining 6 or 7 inches covered with the paper (that way you won't get sticky every time you secure the Velcro to keep the door shut).  


Photo of Hooks & EyesBookcase and Cabinet Safeguards
Use hook and eye latches to secure cupboards with cleaning supplies, screen doors or bookshelves. To latch a bookshelf to the wall of a room, screw the hook side of the latch into the back of the bookshelf. Then bolt the eye piece into the wall. Make the bookshelf "off limits" and provide children with a toy structure as an alternative place to climb.

Photo of PajamasDiaper Diversions
Are you experiencing the dreaded shredded diaper? It helps quite a bit to keep the diaper clean, but sometimes that's not enough. For younger children, use a one piece-footed sleeper. For older children, purchase old-fashioned long johns. The long johns button up the front and can comfortably be turned around (with the buttons in the back) for those more persistent kids.

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